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Bharathi Cement | Portland pozzolana cement |Best PPC Production India

April 26, 2010

Portland pozzolana cement ( PPC )

Bharathi Portland pozzolana cement is a premium composite cement manufactured by inter grinding of high quality clinker, carefully selected High reactive Silica (HRS) obtained from electrostatic precipitators with right quality gypsum.

Hydration of blended cement:

Ordinary Portland Cement + water —– C-S-H GEL+ Ca(OH)2 (Alkali)

This alkali is a byproduct in any OPC hydration process amounting to 25% of total gel formation.
This is like a weak link in strong chain. Sulfates and chlorides present in water, soil or surrounding atmosphere attacks this alkali causing deterioration of concrete.
Secondary gel formation in blended cement:

High reactive silica(HRS) + alkali —— Secondary gel formation

The reactive silica which is added to the cement would react with the alkali and secondary gel formation takes place. As a result of this secondary gel formation pore refinement takes place and the concrete becomes more impermeable to sulphate and chloride attacks leading to the durability of concrete structures.

Advantages of PPC Cement

  • Low heat of hydration
  • Resistance to sulphate attack and chloride attack
  • Resistance to alkali silica reaction
  • Reduction in water demand
  • Pore refinement leading to improved density of concrete
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